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KD Player 0.9.6 (standard)

KD Player 0.9.6 (standard) Free Download

free download

A Perfect Alternative Music Player for Your Mobile Phone

Most mobile phones that support playing audio or mp3 files have built-in music players. But most Audio have missing components like having a high audio quality, equalizer and high sound volume. This is the reason why there are alternative players like KD Player that can be downloaded for free.

KD Player is a Java ME-based media player. Aside from a music player, it can also play any of your video files supported by your phone model. Like a standard media player, KD Player has playback options and basic functions such as play, fast forward, rewind, shuffle, repeat, playlist repeat and single track repeat. KD Player has its own volume control that helps increase your phone's volume limit. It also supports ID3 tags, display album covers, visualization, as well as interchangeable skin.

Easily access your all-in-one player and enjoy endless music

Unlike other music players like SonicStage and LCG Jukebox, KD Player's music library must be manually updated by selecting the 'update library'. This is necessary when you add or remove music from your mobile phone. Another great feature of KD Player is its 'preferences' option where you can enable or disable scanning subfolders in your phone's memory as well as your memory card. Through this, you can automatically create a playlist. Additionally, KD Player allows you to use you phone's number keys to operate menu and playback options.

With KD Player having a lot of useful functions and features designed to give you great music experience, you won't ask for more. However, KD Player is still not available for Smartphones like iPhone, Windows mobile and Android. But it is perfect to have KD player on any of your phone that has JSR-75 or JSR-135. These components are necessary in order to search for files as well as playback audio files.

Download KD Player today and replace your mobile phone's standard music player.

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  • Easy-to-use functions
  • Has equalizer
  • Has visualization features
  • Free and easy to operate using your phone's keypad


  • Equalizer is only accessible on phone with newer compatible Java ME platforms
  • Ordinary interface design

free download


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    0.9.6 (standard)
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